Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The 50th Post!

This was meant to be a sweeping post, congratulating me for finally having some substance to this blog. Except if you look at my last post and even my last few posts -- I'm not sure I have anything of substance to talk about.

Last night, in Kara, we started talking about our various blogs and I mentioned that I was blocked. "Some of my most popular posts were about the sex buffs, maybe I should continue in that vein," I asked. We have a rather fun and loose group and that was met with relative cheer. "Having done Straight and Gay buffs," I asked, "where do I go from there, bestiality?"

To which my raid leader responded, "Oh -- cross race -- I'd love to hear about Tauren-Gnome couplings."

Okay, let that image sit in your head for awhile and then start laughing.

Funny... but not substantive.

I'll work through this block, however it does kinda mess up my celebration of the 50th post.

In the meantime, here is a edited/modified version of the entry I had in mind:

50 posts! Wow, that is just great, I just... well I don't know what to say. There are a few people I have to thank, the ones that helped me get here and all. Well, first off, we must thank Elune, ya know, just because. I, also, owe a big debt to Big Red Kitty, without reading his blog I'm not sure I would have even considered starting one of my own (and I have a feeling that many of my fellow colleagues feel the same way.) I want to thank all my friends who came to this site and gave me very positive feedback and I want to thank all the readers, lurkers and commentators alike.

When I began this blog i said in the very first post:
If you, like me, feel as if there are aspects of this game that you don't get, come here and share -- I'm certain that I will always have n00bish moments but hopefully, I can start learning from them -- maybe one day I will learn not to use Multi-Shot in a Crowd Control situation!
So hopefully I have entertained and informed in these past 49 posts and I will continue to do so... in the meantime, here is a list of some general "Don'ts" that I have learned from my time in WoW.

  • vendor stuff that may be useful to another player. (Quick hint: "of the whale" vendor or DE it, "of the bandit" AH that badboy)
  • be an arrogant ass in PUGS
  • be an arrogant ass in Guild
  • be an arrogant ass anywhere -- there are people on the server that can kill you. (It may take ten of them, but they'll get you down.)
  • come to raids without Pots, water and food (the ones that give you buffs)
  • keep epic (or really nice blues) un-enchanted, you are doing yourself and your group a major disservice
  • put up with BS from your friends and guildies. At the very worst, you can always move to another server and make new friends (assuming you are not an arrogant ass)
  • go into an instance ignorant. Before entering anywhere new go to wowwiki or bosskillers and learn a little bit.
  • make the game not fun anymore -- if that happens take a break.
and finally:
  • Don't (on the stairs leading to Moroes in Karazhan) send your pet wildly after party guests, only to return having aggroed the entire ballroom. (Yes I did AGAIN last night -- that would be the fifth time... in my defense though I assisted the tank and he changed targets)

So, fifty posts later I thank you for your interest!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Arggghhhh -- I'm blocked!

I have writers block.

Well at least I am blocked when it comes to talking about what I want to talk about here on this blog and that is: examples from my career as a n00b to use as fables to help me and my readers learn something from my mistakes.

And its not as if there is nothing to write about, flitting in and around the edge of my consciousness are all of these half remembered stupid moves I've made. I know I've thought of them in the past and thought 'that would be a good thing to write about', but invariably I am in my car at the time and I can't write the idea down and then it disappears back to the fringes of my memory.

Things in Kara have not gone exceptionally well, but not worth writing or whining about.

I could talk about the way I went without enchantment for months as a level 60 because I didn't understand how they worked. I could mention the first time I ever saw a need/greed roll and kept getting confused and rolling need. But those are minor issues, certainly not worthy of any kind of entry.

I mean it's Halloween -- I should have some story to scare the bejebus out of you, right?

Well, I'll work through this and figure something out!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blogs are weird

Take a look at the top of this page. Go Ahead, I'll wait.................................. ....................... ........................ ................................ ..................................... ...................... did you see the "Search Blog | Flag Blog | Next Blog»" Thingy?

Go ahead and hit "Next Blog" a few times and see what you get. I'll still be here when you get back. [WARNING: Some sites may not be safe for work.]
Did you see them? There are Thousands and thousands more just like them, blogs discussing people passions, lives, banalities and irregularities.

Outside of WoW there are a few blogs I go to on a regular basis, a few more on an irregular basis but the huge pile of dross that seems to clog just the arteries of is astounding!

I can understand if you want to create a blog to put up pictures of your baby/children so that family and friends can keep tabs on whats going on, but when you start trying to get your baby blog listed on Technorati so complete strangers can watch your children grow up... well thats just wrong on many levels.

Then there are the obsessed fan sites.. people who just post hundreds of images/videos of their object of desire -- I'm not sure whether they want the world to know how great their subject is or they want their subject to notice that they have a stalker?

There are also some neat finds, but usually they are within their own community. I found a site for a Batik Artists who talked about her work and technique and linked to other artists. I've also found television writers, who talk about their work. The first real blog I found, many years ago, was Wil Wheaton's, you know Wesley Crusher from Star Trek: The Next Generation, I don't read it anymore but when I was reading it, I found it quite entertaining.

It's just that if I I hit the "Next Blog" link 50 times, I will get 15 blogs not in English, 7 blogs trying to sell me something (or with lots of links to p0rn), 10 that are total gibberish, 15 that neither me or anyone I know would find interesting, 2 strange conglomerations of videos and 1 that I will take a minute or two to look at and never bother to look at again. In all the times the I have hit this "next blog" button above, (Which I do when I'm bored or in a particularly masochistic mood) I have never, ever found one that I have ever wanted to go back to.

So... what is my point? What is my point? I don't know I guess I see these other blogs and I think that exactly "What is their point?" and I guess I feel lucky that I am part of a larger on-line community that appreciates that I have something to contribute to our passion.

We few, we happy few, we band of WoW players, we have a community, a community that uses the same medium as our blogs (our computers, our connection to the internet), so it is tangential for us to use blogs as a means to divulge information or share tips and tricks. And therefore I happen to think that my blog, my readers, my community is different from the cacophony of voices in the blogsophere. [Edit: Would you believe when I wrote that above paragraph I had no idea that today was St. Crispin's Day?]

So I guess my point is, I appreciate being able to write and I am glad that there are people who appreciate me.

Oh, and hey on Tuesday in Kara the [Worgen Claw Necklace] dropped for me. A huge upgrade! And I think that was the last thing any of use needed from Attunmen, so I think we will be skipping him from now on.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What's the deal with my blog roll?

In general, I have a reciprocal blog roll. Meaning that if you put my link on your blog and I like your blog, I will return the favor. I would love to go out and find additional blogs to put on here, but I just have not found the time. However I have a growing collection of colleague that have found me or vice versa and I am happy to post their links and give you a thought or two about them in hopes that you visit them.
What can you say about BRK? He is the Grand-daddy of all Hunter blogs. I found BRK when I was thinking about switching to Beast Mastery and I was looking for some sample builds. BRK's blog sealed the deal and inspired me to create my own. I also really like how BRK has a great mix of fact, opinion and bluster. BRK was also the first person to ever comment on this blog and that really, really made me feel great. To date BRK has yet to add me to his "Good WoW Blogs" link list (just an oversight I am sure), so he is in danger of dropping off this list, but he did link to me once and drove a bunch of people here. so he still has a long grace period in my blog roll.
Exanimo and I seem to have a very similar blogs and a similar process to blogging. We use our experiences to help and entertain our readers. He sent me my very first email and asked if we could swap links. I checked out his blog and I liked it, plus his story of getting hacked so much mirrored my own that I felt we had a little brotherhood right then and there.
So, being a vain person, I look at my sitemeter, to see it rise and check referring pages. Girl Meets WoW popped up once or twice on that list, but when I went to her sight, I could not find the link -- I searched for the words "n00b" "eternal" nothing came up on the page, so I figured she had a link and got rid of it because I had offended her in someway. I, of course, was a n00b and did not see her ultra cool blog roll that consist entirely of images. I will say the site is not what I would have expected, "gaming insights from the perspective of a 24 year old girl" is how the site is describe, but the work is in depth, informative and detailed enough that it would not matter if a 55 year old Martian wrote it -- it is just good reading!
How can you not like a blog named Gun Lovin' Dwarf Chick? Of course, here's a little secret for you... that gun lovin' chick? She sports a crossbow. The same one I have. She might be gun lovin, but she ain't gun totin'! That quibble aside Breana has created a nice, cozy place for people to enjoy themselves and maybe learn a little somethin' or two.
I have a feeling that Aaren will not be posting for awhile, he is in some deep dark place known as MLB Playoff hell! How the Indians blew a 3-1 game lead is probably playing terrible havoc with his brain. Having gone through the same thing in 1979 with the Orioles and the Pirates, I understand where he is coming from. When he does come out of his funk he will write some interesting stuff for Warlocks and for all of us WoW lovers in general.
This is my friend Brian's blog. (The person who introduced me to Warcraft.) His blog is not strictly WoW related because he talks about his real life work as well. He is an HTML programmer and his blog seems to be filled with, as best I can tell, made up words and gobblety-gook. When I pointed this out to him he said, "Um, hello?! I do work for a living and occasionally want to share a little of what I know about the subject. Seriously, if someone else had made this post it would have saved me about 2 hours of work. =D" But really the man knows and studies his stuff but if you want to just check out the WoW stuff use this link.
Kestrel has a link on his main page to "recommended" Blogs, in which he describes my blog thusly: "I think we were separated at birth. Or something. A NE Hunter who thinks he’s always a step (or two) behind the pack. Fun reading!" Kestrel is a confirmed casual gamer and gives very good advice about how to play the game from that point of view. On his main page he has "5-star" links to the top blogs, I'm happy to be recommended, but wouldn't it be great to be a "5-star" blog!
This was a another sitemeter discovery, following their link to me. Jon (just the way I spell my name!) and Shellbi are documenting their rise as a pair of Blood Elf Hunters through the ranks of levels after taking a 6-month break from WoW. I have yet to see any parenting advice (as the name seems to imply) so we'll keep looking for that as we follow their adventures.
Edit: Jon & Shelbi have moved their website, so please adjust accordingly: www.thebronzekettle.comIf BRK is the Grand-Daddy of all hunter blogs, Mania is our mother. Mania runs Petopia, for which if you are a hunter and you do not visit petopia early and often -- shame on you! (It's like a hunter running around without a ranged weapon.) Her blog is also a fount of information and she is great at keeping up with changes in the wowiverse (not just about pets) and reporting them promptly on her blog. Mania was the second person to post a comment and the first person to link to my blog, so I am also eternally grateful to her.
Much to my chagrin, I haven't spent a whole lot of time on Pelides' site. Mostly because I only recently found it and I have a back-log of posts to read to catch up, but what I have read, I do enjoy.
So if BRK is daddy & Mania is mommy, I would like to introduce you to Aunt Lassira. Very informative and keeps you interested. Without a doubt one of the top hunter blogs out there. Unlike BRK, Lassira is not as focused on Beast Mastery, so you can get a lot more general information from her.
This is my friend John's WoW blog. He just left our guild so I'm gonna be pissy and not say much about his blog!
If you have found this blog and do not know about WoW Insider. Please stop reading now and go there. I go to WoW Insider for news three to four times a day. I get much of my info and news from there -- it is indispensable.

Monday, October 22, 2007

The loot falls... so why am I not excited?

So last night in Karazhan I was a loot whore again!

We had a great night, took down Aran and the Prince and along the way got three epic trash drops.

[Belt of the Tracker] dropped off of trash and I got to get rid of one of my remaining blues, and yet when I equip it, my DPS goes down? Not by much and it's still a big upgrade and the 15MP5 is awesome. So, I suppose I'll keep it on.

Later Aran so conveniently drops [Drape of the Dark Rever] and my friend and fellow hunter Sky says "Merv can have it" because she is still guilty over the fact that back when she subbed for me [Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix] dropped. So I happily took the cape and told her we were now even. Of course, I put it on and once again my ranged attack power goes down, crit goes up, so thats a fair trade too.

Then, of course, the prince dropped [Helm of the Fallen Hero] and Sky will not roll against me for it. I told her the cape is the bow paid in full and she better roll, so she rolled a 23 and I could taste that helm... and I rolled a two! As consolation I did get [Malchazeen] but then I spent 345 gold buying the Primal Air and Large Prismatic Shards I needed for the enchants to my two nice daggers (+40 agility) and cape (+12 agility).

So after four weeks of no upgrades I get two and a back-up weapon, why am I not ecstatic? I guess I'm just a lousy, no good, ungrateful jerk.

I will say that the daggers will come in really nice in PVP after the dead zone is gone and mages try to close in to get out of ranged attack ranged and I can cut them up good with my daggers!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

What's a Boy to do?

Sometime ago I mentioned that I was selected to join the high end raiding team for my guild. I was honored, humbled and would have been elated except raiding nights were set for Friday and Saturday. The nights I set aside to spend time with my wife and family (as I am already raiding Kara on Tuesdays & Sundays).

So I have not been going on Fridays and going on Saturday when I can. I'm just not sure that is working out. First off, Friday is the day they get Gruul down and get all the loot. Saturday is when we try new stuff. Last night we spent 3 hours on Void Rever and the only thing I had to show for it was a 24 gold repair bill.

My raid leader asked if I was going to be able to make Fridays at all and I told him that was very unlikely and I understand that the team needs consistency (which to date it has not gotten). He certainly understood my situation, but we both knew that if the team can get a more consistent attendance going I will need to take a step back.

And I first thought that it would be terrible to not be a part of this team, but since Zul'Aman will be starting in a few weeks (I hope) and I may start getting the next level of loot from there I'm not sure I will miss getting to those instances (at least not at this stage of my game play.) I will miss playing with all of them... but there are always other times to do fun stuff with my friends!

On a completely unrelated topic:

I hear tell that you will only need to be honored in order to do heroics after 2.3. Now I have all my keys except Honor Hold, and I still think this is a really good idea. I don't think the keys should start at honored, but now that people have played and gotten them there is not so much of a push to do the non-heroic versions of the instances and that leaves players who are not revered out of luck, especially when you can only reach revered by doing non-heroic instances.

This will help n00bs and Alts alike as well as casual players so while it makes it easier to get into a heroic dungeon it does not make it any easier to complete a heroic dungeon... that is still an accomplishment to be proud of.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm too tired to post

Really, its just been an exhausting week. Between work and not being caught up on my sleep this week my head is full of cobwebs. But I felt I should post something before the weekend and I have only had two posts this week.

So here is a post... and some quick comments:

Only got to do the Headless Horseman once yesterday but I got [Ring of Ghoulish Delight], not quite an upgrade, almost a lateral move, but I saved it from the DE pile and its the only thing he has (barely) for Hunters. (The brooms are pretty cool.)

We were entertaining guests Tuesday night (entertaining guest late into the night, part of the reason I am so tired) so I was unable to attend Karazhan, but on Sunday I jumped down to get some more tomes and was going to use my cloak to float off but I screwed that up and wound up with a 30 minute cool down way up in the air. Finally, giving up all hope and not wanting to delay the raid any further, I plunged to my death... but didn't die (came close to it thou) so there is a lucky death I avoided having to confess to on this blog!

Finally, I had a dream last night where I was giving a PowerPoint lecture to 500 students about WoW and how it differs from Second Life. I knew it would be a really cool presentation with embedded movies and lots of cool images. I was really looking forward to it, unfortunately, my alarm went off just as I was walking up to the podium to start the lecture.

Have a great weekend and may all your drops be Epics!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

How I Roll -- Macro Edition

I know I like to hear about other people's play styles, especially other Hunters, but really anyone. I like to know what macros they use, what keys are bound, what add-ons, etc. So I am starting a continuing series called "How I Roll" -- and today is the macro addition.

First a caveat: As a n00b it took me a long time to discover the usefulness of macros in-game (I used to use them all the time in Lotus 1-2-3 -- am I dating myself?) but my play and DPS really improved when I started using them, so if you don't use a shot rotation macro (for hunters) or any class appropriate macros, you may not playing up to your full ability.

Okay, I'm gonna talk about my macros and if you get some ideas - great, if not, you've only wasted two minutes!

Shot Rotation Macro:
This is my Shot Rotation Macro.
There are many like it, but this one is MINE.
My Macro is my best friend. It is my life.
I must fire my bow true.
I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me
Sorry got a little side tracked there -- much apologies to the USMC, semper fi boys!

/castsequence reset=2 Auto shot, Arcane Shot, Steady Shot, Auto Shot, Steady Shot, Auto Shot, Steady Shot
/castrandom [target=pettarget, exists] Kill Command

You'll notice there is no multi-shot in this rotation -- that is on purpose so that I do not break CC. I have Multi-shot keybound to no.2 and throw it in when needed, and it usually doesn't mess up my rotation too bad. (To tailor your own Macro to your weapon speed, I found this guide very useful.)

Now -- here is my little secret that I use with my macro. In addition to binding it to the "1" key, I have bound the macro to my scroll wheel on my mouse. I just spin that sucker all day long and that macro keeps going.

I am afraid that one day I will want to zoom in on something that I have targeted and start a pull and wipe my raid/party... but everyone knows I'm a n00b, so when that happens, they'll all make fun of me -- virtually tussle my hair and forgive me.

For misdirection I set my focus as our Main Tank and can knock this one off when ever I feel the need to add a little bit more aggro to the mix (and if no focus exists, my pet gets the aggro):
#show Misdirection
#showtooltip Misdirection
/cast [button:2] Distracting Shot; [target=focus, help] Misdirection; [help] Misdirection; [target=pet, exists] Misdirection;

I usually use MD in conjunction with this macro below to max out threat -- just have to watch out for global cool down on the timing, but it leaves me only one button to press.
/castsequence reset=5 Distracting Shot, Arcane Shot, Multi-Shot, Auto-Shot, Steady Shot

I have other macros, but I don't use them as often and I find I change them around a bit as I need them. I'm trying to learn more about macro writing and wowwiki has a nice guide. Even Blizz is getting into the act with more Macro info -- and macro flexibility should be increased with the release of 2.3. Even if you don't want to make them, copy and paste them, there are many sites that warehouse macros (that's where I got the misdirection macro from.)

Hope this helps your game!

Monday, October 15, 2007

We got a Letter!?!??!!!!

Yay! -- I got a letter -- and even though Justin posted his comment as well as sent me an email, it still counts. (And I know others of you have sent me email and I appreciate it, but this one actually asked me a question that I can try to answer.)

So, this email was about my favorite Post to date: What Kind of Buff would you get from Sex?

So Justin writes:
:) Hilarious... and might be implemented lol.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how gay / lesbian sex would work considering they know how to please the same sex easier as they have experience with their own body.

So BRK gets letter asking him about mechanics of the game, what shots to use, what trap where, I get asked about sex... I win.

Course, now I have to opine on the Same-Sex Sex Buff (SSSB), which as a heterosexual male, I'm not sure I'm fully qualified to do so, but I am going to try and if any GLBTI MMO friends/readers would like to tell me I am crazy or have a correction, please feel free -- you know I like comments!

Here goes:
First off I am going to take Ratmaggot's suggestion in the comments and say that males need attunement to have sex (females may need a much easier attunement). However, should the attunement be easier if you want to have same-sex sex or more difficult? I'm gonna say from my experience that a man trying to understand women is a little harder than understanding someone of the same sex, so I'm going with an easier attunement to be able to have homosexual sex and, as Justin notes, since they are more comfortable with similar parts, a very high Proc rate for the buff, say around 90% -- as to what that buff would be, we have to look at more factors.

Well first off, we have to make it so that there would be a chance that any partner in any same sex liason could get either the Male Sex Buff (MSB) or the Female Sex Buff (FSB) but there should also be a very small proc rate for the SSSB. And would the buff from gay sex be different from the lesbian sex buff, I suppose there is no one that can testify to that, so for simplicity sake, the SSSB needs to be for any non-hetero sex.

Other issues include a cool down timer -- There would also have to be a cool down time before you could have sex again, whether the buff procs or not. I'm thinking 12 hours for men and 4 hours for women.

We also have to decide if you can be bi-sexual in the game or do you have to stick with the lifestyle you have chosen for your character? If you go with the same sex attunement, can you do the hetero attunement and then go both ways or should you be limited to your first choice? Personally, if I were playing I would want my character to be bisexual and get whatever buff I could get (and good lord, can you imagine the orgies before raids)! However as a programmer, I'm making you pick one or the other -- you're either straight or gay, once you've been attuned to your sexual orientation you'll need to pay lots of gold to re-attune to a different sexual assignment. No one is on the down low here!

Now here is the rub in all of this... the Daedalus Project (PDF) has done a great demographic study of who is playing Warcraft. In their study men outnumber women by 5.25 to 1 and those men are 7 to 8 times more likely to play a character of the opposite sex:
"In other words:
about 1 out of every 2 female characters is played by a man
about 1 out of every 100 male characters is played by a woman"
And I would guess that 80% the straight males who play a female character in Age of Conan are gonna want to play a lesbian character... which means that there will be about 1 woman for every 5 men and that is even if as many women play Age of Conan as those that play WoW (which I doubt). So unless a lot of straight men are willing to have their characters be of a different sexual orientation than themselves they are going to have to go without those great buffs or else start "self procing".

Okay, so with all that in mind, what would the SSSB be and how would it work within the mechanics of the game?

Here's what I would do: If the sex buff procs from gay sex here is what may happen: you have a 63% chance to get the MSB a 33% chance to get the FSB and a 4% chance to get the SSSB and just reverse it for lesbian sex.
Now because of the small proc rate and to encourage competitive straight men to play gay characters I think the SSSB should be pretty special, say something like this:

"Teh Gay" Buff: A 4 hour buff that improves all stats by 20% and haste rating by 10%. Additionally, when this buff is active the character may have sex with 4 more players (1 an hour) of any sex with a sex buff guaranteed.

Whadaya think?

Wow Item Creator!

Friday, October 12, 2007


You guys are the Greatest!

See you ask for a little love -- you get a little love.

Thanks I appreciate the comments and I appreciate all you lurkers that don't comment too. Sometimes its just nice to have feedback, ya know!

Okay on to some odds and ends for the morning.

2.3 & the PTR
Obviously, from the breaking news post below... I've been looking into the changes that are coming up in 2.3 and I am looking forward to them.

I think I may be going to the PTR this time around. I've never done it before but I think my Kara team will try and get an early look at the new 10-man instance Zul'Aman and I want to get a look at the new leather working recipes so I can stock pile ingredients for those quivers and ammo pouches.

Make sure you take a look at the ingredients for all the new recipes and start stock piling a few, you may be able to make a tidy profit when the patch goes live!

I didn't see it in the Patch notes, but I heard that we will get Badges of Justice from Kara & Zul'Aman bosses, which would be nice -- now if we could just get Primal Nethers from those bosses too that would be great!

As for the Hunter changes, I have yet to do arena and I don't do a whole lot of PVP, so while some of those changes seem nice, I'm not overly excited by them. The disarm is nice and the buffs to traps are good too, but my favorite trap, the snake trap, got no buff and will probably be used a lot less.

I may get on with an Arena team after the patch and see how useful I can be, but the changes do not seem to address dead zone and line-of-sight issues, so we shall see.


So Brewfest is ending on Tuesday and I have only around 300 tickets. I heard on WoWInsider that we can keep our tickets until next year, so I may bank them and do that. I did get the goggles, but for the one time joke, they are not worth the tickets. Maybe I will enjoy them more when we take Mags down and I take a raid screenshot with all of us (except me) as male gnomes!


So I only logged on for about 20 minutes yesterday. Thursday is a big TV night and Mrs. EN and I watch our shows together (Survivor, Ugly Betty, CSI, 30 Rock).

Anyway... I logged in, was in Ogri'la, and I started flying to Shattrath to take the portal to Ironforge to get some more brewfest tickets, when my Kara RL informed me that he was being corpse-camped by a hordie in Shadowmoon.

Hmmmm... go to Brewfest for tickets for a ram that I have no chance of getting or help out a friend?

So, I turned the NetherDragon mount towards Shadowmoon and announced my intention to kill this hordie. On the flight, I checked him out in the armory, decked out in his PVP gear he looked formidable, but I knew a Rogue, Druid & Hunter could take down one Shaman easily. When I showed up he took off on his flying mount and treid to avoid me. Because of that he missed the arrival of our Rogue.

Eventually, he lands and attacks. I hit the pet attack key and the Beast Within and intimidation and all he can see is a bid red alien and the poor shaman is dead before he knows what hit him, and I'm pretty sure he still hadn't seen our rogue.
I say this because while I didn't corpse camp, I did stay in the area and helped farm and after a while I told my friends that I was hearthing and the sneaky SOB attacked me while I was casting. So our rogue stunned him , the ravager attacked and went big and red, and even though I was down to about 30%, the poor shaman didn't get another hit off on me and he went down in seconds!
Then I had to hearth, because it was time to watch some TV, and even though I don't do PVP a lot, that sure was fun!


Does this seem as cool as I think?

An undocumented (and unconfirmed) new spell on the PTR for us Hunters is:
Disarming Shot

Does this seem as cool as it looks?

6% of Mana is pretty steep but this really, really helps Hunters not just in the Arena, but in many circumstances.

It just seems really cool. I hope it becomes permanent.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

That Sinking Feeling Part II

When I started this endeavor, I kept having these great ideas of things to write about. Not just the "here's what happened to me today" posts, but the "Really helpful, really useful, boy was I dumb but you can learn from my mistakes" posts.

I had a whole bunch of things to talk about, and now... I can't remember them.

I really, really want this blog to be more than entertaining. A place to help us learn something... or at least make everyone go "Yeah, I feel that way too dude!"

But I am finding it harder and harder to write posts of substance and so I write less and less and so people visit less and less and then it just dwindles away to nothing.

I'm not sure if anyone noticed but I removed a blog from my blog roll this week. Huntard with Cheese went away from my blog roll because he hasn't posted since August and I figured if he wasn't updating, there was no point in having a link, but I really, really liked his site. I thought he had a weird and snarky quality to his blog that I would love to have in mine if I had the talent for it. I'm not sure why he stopped blogging, maybe he wasn't getting enough hits or maybe it was taking up too much time, but I find it sad.

My blog colleague Exanimo from Full Time Wow Addict has a recent post questioning the usefulness of his blog.

And I can certainly understand where he is coming from. And even though I have in-game friends who have told me how much they like the blog, so I know some people are reading and enjoying it, I can't help but have that sinking feeling again that I have nothing important or even entertaining to impart and I should just stop doing this.

But I probably won't, I guess I'm just channeling my mother, trying to guilt my readers into saying something nice about me, even though you're already here and reading this.

So, you come here, you read what I have to say, would it kill you to show me your affection through a comment or two, is that too much to ask?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hacked like a n00b

Well, technically, I was a hacked like a n00b, because I was one.

I had only been playing for about two months at the time and I knew nothing!

I had just hit 60, I was starting to get some gold thanks to a lucky drop and I logged in one day to find my character naked in Ironforge, everything gone except my mount and my hearthstone and all my money gone.

I put a ticket in right away, they closed down my account until I could verify I was indeed myself. (I had to fax a copy of my passport to them) and then in about a week I got much of my stuff back. My guildies had been nice and threw some money my way so it wasn't that bad.

But how did I get hacked in the first place? I run Norton anti-virus and Internet Protection and the definition were up-to-date. So then I downloaded Spybot: Search & Destroy and they found a couple of cookies that they thought were a problem, but no keyloggers or really malicious threats. SO what was the deal?

Here was the deal... I only use about five different password and username combinations (except for my credit card and online banking stuff) and when I signed up for WoW I just used my most popular one. Obviously, it was on some list somewhere and a hacker just used it randomly. They may have even known about it for awhile and lay in wait until I had enough gold to make it worth their while.

In my defense, I will say that I was unaware of all these hacking shenanigans when I signed up for WoW and figured I did not need to use a super secret Passwords. Now, I use a password that I use no where else except WoW.

When I was communicating with a GM about all of this, they tended to be very circumspect about how their fraud department went about penalizing the parties involved, but here is what I fathomed about what happened and I got a "Could be..." reply from the GM:

Someone bought gold from a website selling it, and this fly by night operation, instead of farming the gold themselves, hacked accounts, sent the gold to the unsuspecting sap who paid $108 for 1,000 gold and then got their account canceled because there was a clear trail right back to where the fraud began.

So the moral of this story is twofold:
1. If you buy gold with real money -- you are a loser and I hate you.
2. Don't use the same username and password for WoW that you use to register for your local newspaper!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Tales from a n00bside I

In the lands of Azeroth there are thousands of tales from the n00bside, this is just one of them:

I was level 60 and I felt like I was walking on air. I had 300 gold in my pocket and I was in the Eastern Plague lands killing scourge and building my Argent Dawn Reputation, when all of the sudden -- GONG -- I'm honored, so I go to the quartermaster to see what new stuff I can buy.

Hmmm... what is this[Hallowed Brazier]? The tool tip doesn't seem to help, so I right click on it to get some more info.

I here a clink of gold, and I think oops, I bought it -- and then I look at my gold and OMFG more than a third of my former stash was GONE! This thing that I just bought and had no idea what it was just cost me 120 gold! And it was red in my inventory so I couldn't even use it!

Argghh -- I could put in a ticket to a GM and see if I could get my money back or just vendor it back for 30 gold and chalk it up to lesson learned.

I took the lessoned learned route and now I look up things and their prices before I buy em.

That was a tale from the n00bside, there are many more, if you would like to share your's email them to

Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Good Read

Yes, we all know I'm a n00b. That is the reason for the blog. Sometimes I just wish I wasn't so much of a n00b.

On the steps going up to the Moroes fight, once again, I mis-tabbed and somehow selected the group behind the group we were taking down, sent the pet, watch him disappear over the rim of the steps and all of the sudden there were two groups of angry, knife throwing, undead bad-dancing MoBs, instead of one. (I think this is the third time I have done that.)

I apologized for pulling the extra group and my RL, replied saying, "No, that's okay. This way I get a good read."

And I thought to myself, how prescient of our raid leader, he wants to see how the group reacts to the new threat, see how well we work together and where areas of weakness occur. Because, we all know that when fights go as planned, you don't learn anything about anyone -- when they go wrong, and its not a total and absolute complete mess and wipe, you can look for who picked up on what, who improvised and who panicked and ran into a corner and sucked their thumb.

In that moment, in that statement, I understood the RL's role a lot more. I don't have that ability to watch what everyone is doing, I watch the fight and I improvise where needed, but I don't really pay attention to how the other raid members react to new situations. I had a new found respect for all raid leaders who can process all this information amongst such chaos.

And then, not one second later my RL clarified: "If you haven't read Merv's blog yet, you should. This pull should make for a good read."

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Odds & Ends

I know, its been a while since I posted anything of substance that may help us shake off some of that n00bness that still clings to us and makes our clothes reek at the end of the day. So, while I do have a couple of posts planned that should help cover up, if not totally alleviate that odor, they are not quite ready for publication. So, I will drop in little tidbits about whats been happenning to me and how things are progressing in general. There is a small chance you may find something helpful in these ramblings... at the very least, I hope you will be entertained.

ACL: I came back from my vacation to read a post on my guild forum that I had been made Assistant Class Leader for the hunters. I knew it was in the works, but it was nice to see it was official.
Before it was official, I sent my class leader a message with some thoughts I had about the upcoming raiding group that was being put together and how it related to hunters. Now, the CL is my friend, so I mentioned that I hoped I wasn't being presumptuous, since it the promotion wasn't official, but I just thought that we should start talking about things. Funnily enough, no one had asked her if she wanted me to be her ACL, she said very nicely that she would have chosen me anyway but you would think they would ask the CL who their ACL should be. (Of course, the Guild has some responsibility to make sure the CL and the ACL are complimentary, and they should also not be adversarial.)

LBK: So, I saw BRK's post from last week, I think, talking about Little Black Kitty's blog typesetting error. I had never been to LBK website, but saw that she was on my server and I added her to my friends list and when I saw her on the server, I said "Hi". She thought that was cool enough to post on her blog and I am now reciprocating. I wonder if when she turns 70, if she'll still be little black kitty?

So we had our first run this weekend as a "High End Raiding Team". Still not sure how a n00b like me made it to the team, but I must have friends in high places or maybe because I can do a goodly amount of damage or maybe some combination of both. In any case, I couldn't make it Friday night, right now Friday is reserved for, after the kids are in bed, spending time exclusively with the wife (i.e. not getting on the WoW, watching or doing whatever she wants to do, etc.) So I missed our first take down of Gruul. Made it Saturday for Magtheridon's Lair -- which while we didn't get him down, was still a fun fight.
One of the aspects of the lair is that the Channeler's will not aggro you until you attack them, so you can move around the room, discuss tactics and get into position. As this info was presented to us, I said, "So I guess we should take our pets off aggressive." And while most people laughed, someone, I'm not sure who, actually said, "Your pets should NEVER be on aggressive during a raid!" Course, that didn't stop a warlock from summoning his pet, only to realize that it was still on aggressive... oops, I think that was wipe number 3. (Wipe 1 was also an oops, someone pulled aggro, but no one copped to that one.) I will state emphatically for the record, that I was not the one who pulled aggro on that or any attempt at Mag!

FP: (Future posts) So, I want to do series of posts entitled "Tales from the n00bside". Stupid things we may have done in WoW that we are embarrassed by. They can be stories that will amuse or have a moral, whatever... I have a few but I would like to fill it out with other people's experience, so if you have one, please feel free to email me (at the link above) and I will include it in the post.

TTFN: Ta ta for now

Monday, October 1, 2007

Bloggin' on my iPod

Got my new iPod touch. Very cool. Creating this post (very slowly) on it.

Will post more later, but I just thought this was cool to find wifi somewhere and be able to post.