Friday, January 18, 2008

That's Sir n00bie to you!

So my guild does the unthinkable -- they promoted me last night!

Yup -- I'm now one of the few, the proud, THE MAN -- I am now a junior officer in our guild (they call us Councilors --as we are expected to offer Council to Members and officers alike)

This on the heels of me getting my T4 leggings from Gruul last night -- Demon Stalker Greaves.

They changed raiding from Friday and Saturday (and I could never do Fridays) to Wednesday and Thursday with a Free for all sign up on Sunday afternoons (and then I have ZA Sunday night). So I'm getting involved in a lot more and we are dropping bosses. Three new bosses last week Mags, Fel Rever and Hydros. When we dropped Mags on Sunday I bid on and received his head, so I got Ring of the Recalcitrant out of the deal too. However, since we use the Suicide Kings Loot system, I will not be seeing any new loot for awhile from Raids (with the exception of ZA or KZ).

So you ask... does this lift your ennui? does that mean you'll be back to posting 5 to 7 times a week? Making wonderful and funny insights on this game we are all so addicting to?

Lift my ennui? Maybe a little. Being able to post more? I'll try.

I think that I try and make these grandiose posts that say something or are meaningful or fun... and lately, I just don't have the patients or the inclination to continue in that vein, but I will try and post more but make smaller posts -- meaty, but not always poignant, Interesting but not fully researched and linked. Is that okay?

In the meantime, I need some advice. Now that I got the greaves, I'm thinking of skipping out on the Shifting Camouflage Pants since its only a minor upgrade and I am still 12 Badges short. I could use 10 or 20 badges and get a primal nether and make Boots of the Crimson Hawk for which I just go the pattern. With three nights of raiding, I'm just not sure I could get into a heroic and then roll for the nethers... is it worth the 20 badges? Should I get one nether from a Heroic run and then use the 10 badges to buy the other?


Exanimo said...

Don't forget that replacing your pants with the badge one will cost you 15 hitrating, quite an important stat as too many misses will seriously gimp your dps. (the main reason i skipped on Mag's ring as my current ones have a nice portion of hit and can't replace them without nerving my hit)
Can't check armory as it's down once again but in case you have the chess ones replacing them with the Crimson ones (which are rly rly nice) will even put you back some more hit.
115 is the absolute minimum but you need 136 to not miss on level 73 mobs (bosses).

The Eternal n00bie said...

Yeah I put my Romulo's Poison Vail back onto my trinkets slot to make up for the loss to +hit so I am back up to 138.

Crafted the boots last night too, bought one nether and got the other form an SV run.