Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm just not in the mood...

I'm not in the mood to blog, I'm not in the mood to read other blogs. I'm spending more time than ever on my guild's website and working with the Officers to the detriment of this blog and my regular reading.

I'm enjoying leveling my Shaman (just hit level 52!)and I still enjoy raids, but most of the stuff I do with my Hunter outside of that is pure farming for the raids or daily quests to fund my addiction to elixirs. Just not as much fun as questing.

I think I am woefully under geared and yet I still am usually in the top three on the DPS meters. (Except when I have another tasks -- like kiting or trapping or the like.)

Has the nature of the game changed for me? I still enjoy it but my need to read everything about BM hunters and the game in general is fading and my need to share on this here blog is fading as well. (Hence the severe drop in posting.)

I'm not sure what will snap me out of this funk. More gear? I just got Ranger-General's Chestguard and we're downing a new boss almost every week in SSC. Maybe I just need the expansion to light a fire under my tush.

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Exanimo said...

I have the same problem.. i use my Hunter just at raids so i don't get bored of playing him too soon, outside of raids i play either my Shaman or Warrior alt.
The stupid thing is, i spend more time ánd money on the alts at the moment.. which i could have put in my main and getting him better gear.

In the end it's all about fun so best to try and maximize that.