Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Now I'm really mad!

How dare they!

I checked my email this morning to find that I had two new comments on my site. I always like comments, everyone blogger does. It validates what we do, even if the comments are "You are so wrong..." its nice to be able to continue the discussion.

So I was excited, a new person was commenting on my two most recent posts. I opened the email to see what was written.

It was a gold seller spamming my site. Well the first thing I did was delete the posts, but it makes me mad and makes me regret that I keep this site PG-13 because there are some choice words I would like to use right now.

If your account has been hacked, like mine was once, gold sellers are about as evil as it gets. Sure there are many who pay meager wages to people to play the games and farm gold for them, but there are also the ones that hack accounts and steal your gold and sell all your stuff and.... grrrr this just put me in a really bad mood.

Of course, they are wasting their time here as all my wonderful readers would never consider buying gold. Whats the point? It cheapens the gaming experience and causes server-wide inflation to all of us. But I would think that people who spend some time reading WoW blogs and trying to learn a little bit more about game play are not likely to go cheating.

On the plus side, I crafted Boots of the Crimson Hawk.. not a huge upgrade, but any plus to crit is going to help me.


Maebius said...

this is a non-gold spamming comment, just to cheer you up....I'll even forgive the fact you are Alliance. *grin*

Nookni - Troll Hunter, Farstriders

Trollin' said...

"I'll even forgive the fact you are Alliance. *grin*"

That's unforgivable...



Sellia said...

Congrats for the boots ! =)
BTW you're not the only one to get comment from gold seller. Ironshield got some at Can Tank, Will Travel.

I have one thing to say about them : KILL THEM ALL !!! =P