Thursday, December 27, 2007

An Alt Holiday

Since all raids, runs and anything that involved any organization has been canceled over the last few weeks due to lack of everyone -- I have not played on Mervyn except to do the daily cooking quest. (Hey Blizz... lets add a little more diversity to these!)

So I have been concentrating on my Alts. (My Alliance Alts... I have a whole article in my head about playing a horde Alt and finding yourself as a n00b all over again -- I'll get to it someday.) Kelvyn, my Shaman is now is level 42... but he is no longer rested, so I'm giving him sometime to rest up and now focusing on my level 20 Druid Vynesa. (See the name pattern?)

I do have to say I love how much quicker you can level the alts... it makes it much more worth my time to spend it on these low level alts that I have never paid much attention to.

As a matter of fact, most of my friends have spent the holidays playing their alts, we were shocked when we saw someone come in on their main!

Kelvyn is currently my highest level alt, as I have never taken the time to level any other characters other than Mervyn, and while I find myself with the intention of making sure I try new quests and new areas that I did not focus on in my previous trip leveling up, I find myself sneaking back to the familiar. Dustwallow Marsh excepted, I keep picking up new quests, only to abandon them when they turn grey, because I have focused on "What I know".

I have another chance to experience new quests with Vynesa, but I fear the same thing will happen. Meanwhile, Sevyn, my level 20 mage has been sitting in The Exodar since days after Burning Crusade came out... he was my first alt and he seems to have been forgotten.

None-the-less, as the holiday fades and we get back to Karazhan, Zul'Aman and Serpentshrine, I still feel that I will co0ntinue to spend time with my alts.. at least now that Kelvyn has a mount it makes the grind a lot less of a chore... now we just have to get Blizz to give every class a 20% speed boost at level 20, that would make things much easier.

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Exanimo said...

I've been busy alting aswell.. managed to get my Shaman from 38 to 60 within 2 weeks which was more fun then i've had in quite a while.
Just one word of advice: get a party of equall level to do instances, much more fun then being boosted.